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GBCartFlasher Programmer Version 3

The programmer we're working on, is based on the GBCartFlasher, that was created by Kraku and Chroost. We're modified the desing to adapt it to the new FTDI chip, FT232RL, that need less external components and is easier to find. We also recreated the schematics and pcb using Eagle, and created a component library, like cartridge connector and so on.

This is the programmer schematic:

And the PCB design:

Eagle designs, postscript files, and component library here:

Updated: AUG 27, 2008 - New connector pinout, works with DMG, GBC and SGB connectors.

Updated: MAR 15, 2008 - GB Pocket connector and new pcb design using it added.

Component list:

  • IC1: FTDI FT232RL
  • IC2: AVR ATmega8515P
  • R1,R2: resistor 220 Ohm
  • C1, C2: ceramic capacitors, 22pF
  • C3, C4: ceramic capacitors, 100nF
  • C5: electrolitic capacitor, 4.4μF
  • Q1: Crystal 6Mhz
  • Leds red and green, 5mm
  • Gameboy cart connector
  • USB “B”-type connector
  • jumper wire.

Prototype's picture:


Next step is working on a SMD PCB design for send it to a PCB manufacturing service. We're not thinking on make a commercial product from this, only making a good and open platform for GB Devel. Perhaps we're only selling the PCB's to some developers and musicians if they can't build it themselves.

Current design:

Files: UPDATED: AUG 27, 2008 Working Desing.

The PCB's have arrived, and the programmer is working nicely:

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